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Besides being an avid but slow reader I am a FT college student at GVSU, published author & writer and former coffee shop lord. I have done a lot of pretty cool shit in my life but one thing I haven't done is become a father. This will change this coming July (2014) when I will welcome my son into my crazy world.


I am looking to make a small but meaningful mark in the literary world and make some good friends along the way. I didn't get into this business to hurt anyone. I did before I became a writer.

July 2014
reviewed: Origins: Centurion’s Rise
Quick Summery Centurions Rise is book two in a fantastic historical fiction series written by hot new author Mark Henrikson. ...
June 2014
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June 2014
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May 2014
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May 2014
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May 2014
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February 2014
reviewed: CyberStorm
I picked this book up on whim when I saw an advertisement for it in an email. The premise of the book sounded interesting, mo...
Cyber Storm - Matthew Mather
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January 2014
reviewed: Crosswind: 1 (Land, Sea, Sky)
Back when I was just a boy, I was intrigued by the idea of the ancient gods. Growing up Catholic this was dangerous ground to...
Crosswind: 1 (Land, Sea, Sky) - Lynne Cantwell
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December 2013
reviewed: Confronting the Demon
You know what I appreciate about Confronting the Demon almost more than anything else? That it is geared toward a mature adul...
Confronting the Demon - Ciara Ballintyne
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November 2013
reviewed: The Book of Paul
Mr. Long did an amazing job at writing a story that is “shit your pants scary”. Let’s be honest If Stephen King thought the b...
The Book of Paul - Richard  Long
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July 2013
reviewed: Four Paws
A wonderfully written book of poetry that I could actually understand and relate to. This combined with the wonderful cause t...
Four Paws - Ben Ditmars,  Scott Morgan,  Amber Jerome-Norrgard and Robert Zimmerman
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I Chose to Die (Siren Suicides)
Anna Milioutina, Colleen Albert, Ksenia Anske
The Whale Song Translation: A Voyage of Discovery To Neptune and Beyond
Howard Steven Pines
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Great Expectations: Becoming a Dad: The First Three Years
John C. Carr
New Leash on Life
Claire Cook
Quarantine: The Loners
Lex Thomas
The Master of Verona
David Blixt
Sandcastle and Other Stories
Justin Bog
Summon Kassern (Archangels Creed, #1)
Kenra Daniels, Azure Boone
The Lamb Of God (The Dracula Chronicles, #0.5)
Shane K.P. O'Neill
12x12 - 12 social Media tutorials to get ahead with your brand
D. Kai Wilson-Viola, Kai Viola