Cyber Storm - Matthew Mather I picked this book up on whim when I saw an advertisement for it in an email. The premise of the book sounded interesting, modern and relevant. As I read on, these became even more apparent and I wasn’t let down. For some who read this book it seems they had issues with how slow the pace was. They also had issues with how much of the story revolved around the main character Mike and his small group of survivors inside their apartment in Manhattan and not the event they were surviving. They should have kept reading instead of stopping. This book reminded me of a fire, a slow burn. I will admit it took me awhile to get into it, the slow pace catching me off guard as well as it being written in the 1st person. However, it was brilliant writing on Matthew Mathers part because this “slow burn” made the story that much more appealing and interesting.

It is about a Cyber-attack, yes, but the real story is about human survival, how they coped, changed and beat the odds. It is about our fears both rational and irrational and what happens when our darkest fears take over our mind. It is about how we survive when WE are the only ones we can rely on. It is about having to think about doing things we never thought we would do. Things we may not want to do or should do. I say WE because as I said before this book is relevant to us NOW and the reader could easily place themselves in the characters situations. I saw myself in Mike and his friend Chuck. This book is about our humanity as much as it is being a great techno thriller.

Cyber storm is filled with so many great characters who I would love to know more about. In the end you find out what happened and who is to blame and that could be…all of us. It is scary to think how much of this could actually happen. This was a great book and I am really excited for the movie version of this book. As a fellow indie writer, Mr. Mather is accomplishing the dreams we all are striving for.