Origins: Centurion’s Rise

Quick Summery

Centurions Rise is book two in a fantastic historical fiction series written by hot new author Mark Henrikson. I picked up this series on book two and was immediately caught up in the fantastic action and epic story-line. This amazing book takes us back to the ongoing the battle between two Alien species; the Novi and the Alphas each of whom are trapped on planet earth. The Novi strive to move humanity forward in an effort to reach their home world deeper in the galaxy but are battling the Alpha who are looking to do the same but in their own way while thwarting the Novi. The Novi are looking to bring a balance for humanity while the Alpha; a dog like species are looking for control and each have their own unique powers and abilities. In this book of the series, Novi leader Hastelloy, is in a mental institution and recounts him and his crew’s missions and experiences over the last few thousand years while trapped on earth to his therapist whose brother, an NSA agent, is searching for the aliens.


The Upside

Centurions Rise takes the reader through some of the biggest events in human history and Henrikson breathlessly moves through them while bringing us right into the middle of events we have only read about in history books. He offers a very thorough and detailed description of how these events unravel in the lives of his character. What events you ask? Well…the rise and fall of Gaius Julius Caesar for one. The epic story of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is there as well. The end all be all of stories, the rise and death of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity is there also. These are retold by Novi leader Hastelloy, as he explains how his Novi crew had a hand in and influenced these epic human events. At one point in the story Hastelloy is none other than Marcus Brutus; famous murderer of Julius Caesar. 


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