Confronting the Demon

Confronting the Demon - Ciara Ballintyne You know what I appreciate about Confronting the Demon almost more than anything else? That it is geared toward a mature adult reader. It seems like everything coming out these days in the fantasy genre are YA and well…that is just not my thing so I don’t read them…usually. Sorry (not really). This novella by Ciara Ballintyne had me moving and shaking from page 1 and I was saddened when I had to put it down while reading it so could deal with finals at GVSU.

World building from scratch, especially good world building takes time. It takes careful and thoughtful consideration and Ciara did an amazing job. I found myself wanting to know about this world, its lands, the city and the mysteries of the shadowy Citadel. Despite the short length of this novella (110 pages) I felt like Ciara did an amazing job of writing the characters especially the wizard Alloran and the very spirited Gisayne. One thing that is important to me as a reader and a writer is feeling like I know who the characters are, their emotions and what makes them tick. As I got farther along with Confronting the Demon I found myself excited to learn more about them. I loved the movement!

I think, my favorite part in this whole novella is where the tentacle demon is coming through the Hell Gate after being summoned by Allorans traitorous old friend. Action can be hard to write and even harder to write well. I applaud Ciara Ballintyne on her ability to weave the action in with intriguing and well written dialogue. For someone who is usually not a reader of high fantasy I now find myself jazzed as hell to read what comes next from this wonderful and exciting new author and this story. This is definitely a quick great read that is worth picking up and worthy of your time.