The Moonless Night

The Moonless Night: Part One of the Veldorian Saga - Benjamin J. Andrus Not being a huge fan of historical fantasy novels, I was pleasantly surprised after reading The Moonless Night by Benjamin Andrus. For me with books in this genre it often takes me a little bit to get into the story and really start feeling it, often putting them down for a while. I even did this with Lord of The Rings….yes I know how dare me.

With The Moonless Night when I hit a particularly wonderful point in the story ( I won’t tell you where) I was hooked. Benjamin created several incredible and intriguing characters who begin to change in shocking ways as the story and their world evolves. As I became more involved in the story, I was drawn to the growing maturity of young Lord Tobin, the massively dark change of Lonessa and the growing bravery and unknown strength of “Little Rat” Aislinn. The Moonless Night has the swordplay, magic, royal intrigue and yes the dragons one would expect from a novel in this genre but it also has moments of love, tenderness and suspense that often took me by surprise.

The Moonless Night is the first part of a trilogy called “The Veldorian Saga”. Benjamin did a fantastic job of creating this world, its history and characters. I cannot wait for the 2nd and 3rd books in the series to come out so I can dive into them. The ending will leave you hanging and demanding more which is a pretty good feet from a first time author in any genre. This book is available on in eBook format.